Thoughts on God | GOD Quotes In Hindi (2023)

Thoughts on God | GOD Quotes In HindiWhatever may be the religion of the world, God has been given the supreme power in them.

Somewhere it is called by the names Allah, Prophet, God, Bhagwan, Ish, Waheguru, but its form is only one.

In God Quotes i.e. Quotes Suvichar Thoughts on God Ishwar, we will know the thoughts said by great people about the supreme power today.

Good thoughts on Lord God God Quotes In Hindi

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God Quotes In Hindi: Our belief is that God is pervaded in every particle, in everything around us, in the soul, in the temple, mosque, church, God resides.

We have never seen God, yet our faith is unwavering on God, we believe that he is the supreme authority who is running the world. Whatever happens, happens as per their wish.

Not even a leaf moves without God's will, God has been given the highest place in all religions, some remember him by the names of God, some God, Ishwar, Allah etc. but he is only one.

TodayGod QuotesI will know what the learned philosophers say about God.

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1#.God will forgive me, because this is his business.

2#.God will be my hope, my refuge, my guide and lantern for my steps.

3#.Honesty is the best work of God's creation man.

4#.In the view of science, God is just a flow of nature, through which all things fulfill their condition and the law of sustenance of their existence.

5#.If you want people to believe in God, then by your behavior show people how God can make you.

6#.Those whom God loves, He purifies them.

7#.If God is in our favor then who can be against us.

8#.The name of God is truth.

9#.Food is God for an empty stomach man.

10#.The great power of God is visible in the middle of a storm in the form of a cool breeze, which is not present there in that situation.

prayer to god quotes in hindi

11#.God resides in our hearts, those who believe in him find him in times of trouble.

12#.Whatever you are, it is God's grace, whoever you become is a gift to God.

13#.They see God every day, but they do not recognize Him.

14#.God is easy to understand until you explain it.

15#.Just as people live near the light and even when they go away, it continues to give light and people go into darkness, even when people want to stay away from the fire, the fire continues to give heat. This thing also applies to God.

16#.Life is a novel, leave it to God to write it.

17#.God is more detailed than a dictionary, it is impossible to define him.

18#.Don't search for God in space, search it within yourself.

19#.God is like a circle whose center is everywhere but has no circumference.

God Quotes In Hindi

20#.If you want something from God and you do not get it, then there is no need to get angry. God does not give you what you like but gives what is good for you.

21#.Service to parents is greater than service to God.

22#.Only one can believe in God who believes himself because God is not outside but inside you.

23#.After attaining both true love and God, a person's desires end.

24#.If you see God in yourself then you can do any impossible task.

25#.Worship of nature is worship of God, this is the form of God.

26#.The person who walks on the path of truth in life, his path ends with God only.

27#.Prayer done with devotion and devotion reaches God.

28#.If you have faith in God then you have everything you want.

God Motivational Quotes In Hindi

God is only one, but his names are many

He gets God's love, who does self-improvement

God's house takes time, but it does not get dark

God is not confined in a monastery, He is pervaded in every nook and corner

Yugdharma grew in the temple, the light of public awakening lit

Only those show the true path, who do not want position or money.

Who will change the public mind, those who can serve silently

Search for goodness everywhere, such a vision always brings happiness

Where the heart is devoted to charity, Narayan appears in the male.

Pandavas accept five of us, hundred Kauravas are the weight of the earth

God created man, who created the high and low

God's justice is firm and firm, no bribe or bribe is successful there.

The one who does self-improvement, only he gets the love of God

Greed, selfishness, the business of food, makes the religious sector dirty

True slogan of right religion, love unity brotherhood

selflessness the highest karma, love equality human religion

His life became great, whose every moment is like a gem

Prabhu's sons teach love, vested interests incite riots

That person is a true saint, whose selfishness is the end of the ego.

When will Satyug come, when will the majority want

Animal sacrifice herbal traps, those who avoid them are happy

Beloved standard of human equality, Buddha Muhammad Isa Nanak

Can escape from court and police but not from God.

Good deeds are the biggest worship of God.

Charity is the true selfishness of human life.

True worship of God is good behavior.

Fate is made by man himself, not by God.

Humans are nothing but deviants who have gone astray.

Arrogance is the most unpleasant of human vices to God.

Doing good deeds and good behavior in the world is the true worship of God.

God assigns great responsibilities to everyone, but He is pleased with those who perform them.

Faith and God are the true friends of man.

God sitting in the conscience keeps on giving continuous inspiration of right and wrong. The one who listens to him will understand, he will not have any difficulty in walking on the straight path.

Man is a misguided deity, if he can walk in the right direction, then there is no one better than him.

God's love is safe only with the virtuous and the dutiful.

The meaning of faith in God is the courage to have infinite faith in excellence.

The name of the ideology of becoming great from small, great from atom, divine from soul, Narayan from male, Purushottam from male is theism.

The pleasure of the omnipresent, just, fair God is based on good deeds. He judges a devotee and a non-devotee on the basis of their deeds.

God loves the dutiful.

God is very angry with sin and stays with us every moment in an invisible form for our protection.

To worship God means to love idealism.

Love is God.

Worshiping God means developing yourself

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