Thoughts on God | God Quotes in Hindi (2023)

God Ishwar Bhagwan Quotes Thoughts Sayings Suvichar in Hindi –In this article, good thoughts on Ishwar (God) have been given.

God Quotes in Hindi

ask god for something
but if you don't meet him
don't be angry because
god doesn't give that
what you like
but give what you
Would be good for

true love and god
are like
someone else when found
There is no desire.

parent service
to serve god
are equal.

if you believe that
that god in you
If you are a part of
even the impossible
can do.

god's food
have arrogance
So avoid it.

thoughts on god

one who finds god
becomes silent and calm.
Ramakrishna Paramhansa

I fear God
After God chiefly
afraid of that
Not afraid of God.
Sheikh Saadi

knowledge, worship and action,
These three of God-realization
There are no different routes –
these three together
There are routes.
Mahatma Gandhi

What is God!
Service of the poor.
Mahatma Gandhi

God is true and
Light is his shadow.

Faith Quotation on God in Hindi

on god only you
can believe
when you have to
believe because
god is not out
are within us.

all your troubles
end that day
the day you
believe that every
Work is done by the will of God.

faith means
confidence and
confidence means
Faith in God

Faith is your God.
If you believe
If God is there then he will give you every
Feel the place. If
If you do not believe, then it is your
Even if you are in front, you
Will not be able to recognize him.

believe in karma
believe in yourself,
and believe in yourself
believe in god

Positive God Quotes in Hindi

God through eyes
no one can see,
but each of us
sanctifying the mind
to God with a clear mind
can see all
The world is full of God.
Swami Vivekananda

God is omniscient,
great lover and determination
It is form.
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

The right hand of God is gentle,
But the left is very hard.
Rabindranath Tagore

essence of god
Knowledge and love.
sweden class

mystery of god
only then you will understand
when your heart
Make it clean.

Believe in God Quotes in Hindi

Devotion to God gives us amazing power because the disorders of our mind go away and the mind becomes calm and simple., We spend our time and money in good works, by which we get success and happiness in life. God is present in every particle of this world, He is always near us, with us in sorrow and happiness. Whenever you have bad thoughts or hatred towards someone, put your mind at the feet of God. Such disorders can be removed only by thinking about God and you can use your energy and time for some good work.

God and His glory cannot be understood by reading some books about God or by the blessings of a Guru.It is just a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. You have to experience it yourself.

man in distress
his seven qualities
Saves - wisdom, humility,
Prudence, courage, good deeds,
habit of telling the truth
Faith in God

when happy
So don't forget God,
when sad
So have faith in God.

as long as you're on your own
don't believe,
till then you are also on god
Can't believe it.

upset someone,
distressed if
you hurt
so trust god
made you human
Haven't made any mistake.

in difficult circumstances
be patient with god
Symbol of unwavering faith.

precious words on god in hindi

Erase the ego,
God will be found.

If there were no God
so his invention
do for us
becomes necessary.

Om - this is the real Brahma,
is the ultimate truth.

one true god
scholar by many names
Let's call out.

The feeling of God is in the heart,
Not the brain.

god quotes in hindi

love nature
to love god
equals, that
The true form of God.

silent prayers reach quickly
to God because of words
Freed from burden.

devotion to god
and do good deeds
Gives us peace of mind.

when you're all alone
still feel
God is with you.

existence of god
By obeying you get self-strength.

Prayer God Quotes in Hindi

while praying
person in the temple
doesn't have to be,
but pray
time person's mind
there is a lot of god in me
It is necessary.

a person hands
lifting up from god
O God, give me patience
Give more quickly.

prayers their god
reaches quickly,
whose heart is pure and
They are truthful.

prayer always ask for something
not for but
what god has given
thanks to him
to express
Should be

if you any
help the needy
not money and power
if you can
must pray to god
make sure that no
Give some help.

Suvichar Par Bhagwan

God from great empires
turns away, but
from little flowers
Would not have been upset.
Rabindranath Tagore

The name of God is Truth.

Hey Arjun! god of all
resides in the heart.
He destroys all living beings with maya
dances like
master puppets
Spins on stage.

God is our refuge
And the power giver. same emergency
is the biggest help.

man on empty stomach
For him food is God.
Mahatma Gandhi

best quotes for god | Best Quotes for God

whose mind is true
and karma is good
that's true of god
are devotees and such people
but god's grace
always remains.

true love and god
are the same
talk about
everyone does but
feel very little
people do.

God not visible
have parents and
parents visible
The ones are God.

if your problem
as big as a ship
so don't forget
that God's grace ocean
As big as they are.

heaven and hell only
are on our mind,
man of his deeds
Fruits are found on this earth.

precious words on god

God has two abodes -
one in heaven and the other
Humble and grateful in heart.
Isaac Watson

god help them
who help themselves.

from all of God's creation,
Love every bit of it.

everyone is god
There is only a miniature statue of.

god of his children
eyes sometimes
washes with tears
so that their nature
and correct the commands-
Can read correctly

Emotional God Quotes in Hindi

God's message
before you sleep
forgive everyone
give and
since you woke up
first i you
I will forgive

when god of man
take the test then
human power
increase so that
more intelligent and
Be more powerful.

Religious work in happiness and
must help others
should do because
work in bad times

with devotion to God
disorders go away
and we are God's
reach near.

if you only have
God is yours
have all that
do you want it.

Devotional Quotes in Hindi

Like water to water,
no water, no water
say the same
Sachchidananda to God
Some Allah, some Hari,
Someone calls God.
Ramakrishna Paramhansa

if you want
people believe in god
If you do, then your behavior
show people by
that god to you
How can it be made?

I am in your soul
quran sharif

whom god loves
does, his he

God only
holy spirit
Has another name.

God Thoughts in Hindi

even swimmers drown
self proud
And those illiterate people keep on drowning
over which
God is kind.

sincere prayer
reaches God.

in human life
walk on the path of truth,
his journey to god
It ends as soon as it comes.

oh god please
so just give
in which ego does not enter
and just to hurt
so much so that the faith
Do not break

being a devotee of god
does not mean that
you'll never fall
but when you fall
god you yourself
Will hold

Good thoughts on devotion to God. Piety Quotes in Hindi

devotion to God by a poet
compared to a tiger.
like tiger animals
feeds on, the same
Kind of godly too
devour all enemies
gets done. greed and
Anger is completely destroyed.
Ramakrishna Paramhansa

tireless of own truth
Search is devotion.

a pure heart devotion
There is a temple of
holy of sacrifice
kindles a fire,
which are invisible, but
Nevertheless it is worth experiencing.
hannah peacock

I am Sisu Lord affectionate protector.
Mandru Meru's body died.

divine power
visions of in the middle of the storm
as a soft breeze
happens, in which case
is not present there.
Rabindranath Tagore

Beautiful God Quotes in Hindi

between me and god
Very beautiful relationship
i don't ask for much
They don't give less.

when we sow a grain of wheat
So after some time he tells us thousand
same as granules
God gives us the fruits of our good deeds
also gives

Karma's right of man
I have but God gives the fruits,
That's why do the work with a true heart
must be done because of human
fruit of one's deeds in life
Only happens.

aspirants of heaven
people never attain salvation

after searching all over the world
I don't even get it, that's Maya
and those who sit in one place
If found, he is God.

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